In Less Than Two Minutes From Now You Can Be Watching Walking Dead Episodes and Have Access To Over 3500 Channels Right On Your Pc

Watch Live TV Anywhere You Have An Internet Connection!


It’s Satellite Direct, the future of television. With Satellite Direct, you can watch the Walking Dead and over 3,500 channels directly on your computer. With Satellite Direct, you don’t have to deal with those dreaded monthly fees or subscriptions, you don’t need to install any hardware, there are no bandwidth limits, 24/7 access is unlimited, its Mac- and PC-compatible, you can get auto channel updates, and of course, over 3,500 channels at your disposal. 


To get Satellite Direct, you only need to do three steps. First, you register. Second, you download. Third, you simply watch and enjoy. It’s that easy. And you only need to pay a one-time fee of $29.95! 

How Satellite Direct Works: 

The software technology of Satellite Direct™ accesses over 3,500 television channels directly on the Internet. There is no need for a receiver, satellite dish, or any other appliances to use the Satellite Direct’s software. All you need to enjoy this service is an Internet connection and a computer. After the one-time fee and the downloading of the software, you are now ready to enjoy those coveted 3,500 channels. 

Comparison to Regular Cable/Satellite TV: 

Regular TV requires a technician to help in the installation; SatelliteDirect can be installed in only 1 minute. With regular TV, access is limited in certain areas, compared with SatelliteDirect that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

A cable box or satellite is required for a traditional cable/satellite connection; SatelliteDirect only requires your PC. Only about 150 channels can be accessed in an ordinary satellite/cable connection; SatelliteDirect allows you access to 3,500 channels! And the cost is a no-brainer. It costs over $200 in installation fees and over $100 in monthly fees for a cable/satellite connection; Satellite Direct has unlimited usage with no monthly fees! 



All kinds of channels are accessible through SatelliteDirect. Watch the channels that are on tv. These are the Sports channel, News channel, Movies channel, TV Shows channel, Music channel, Business channel, Entertainment channel, and the Local channel. 

With the Sports channel, you can enjoy Racing, Game Sports TV, Baseball Network, ESPN News, World Cup Soccer, EuroSport TV, and Basketball. With the News channel, stay informed with CNN-IBN, BBC News 24, Pentagon Channel, NBC News, CNN, C-SPAN 1, Eyewitness News, ABC News Now, and Sky News Australia. 

With the Movies channel, be enthralled with those blockbusters in genres like Sci-Fi, Action, News Releases, Horror, Suspense, Classics, Comedy, Animation, and Documentaries. With the TV Show channel, prepare to be entertained with Cartoons, Talk shows, Soap operas, Crime shows, comedies, Kids’ shows, Medical dramas, Reality shows, and Late Night shows. 

The Music channel lets you gain access to Classic Rock, Jazz, 80s Hits, Top 40, Country, Rap, 90s Hits, Techno, Hip Hop, Rock, and Alternative Rock. On a serious note, the Business channel keeps you updated with Business Shows, Business News, Stock Market Updates, World Business News, Financial News, and Major Business News. 

The Entertainment channel captivates you with Documentaries, Comedy Shows, Game Shows, and Late Night TV. The Local channel keeps you grounded with Local Sports Channels, Local News Channels, Public Access Channels, and Local TV Show Channels. 


Reviews: What Are People Saying About Satellite TV For PC?

Subscribers of SatelliteDirect rave about the fantastic service offered by SatelliteDirect. Maria C., of Albany, New York, said, "I was amazed by your large collection of channels. My cable company only had a quarter of your content. Great stuff!" Jason E., of Montreal, Canada, said, "I hooked my computer to my 65" flat screen and now your software works just like my previous satellite dish service, except 100 times cheaper. Thank you!" 

Sylvia R., of Seattle, Wash., said, "Product was just as described. Big selection of channels and easy to use. A+++." From Manchester, United Kingdom, Mark D. said, "Thanks to your software, I cancelled my costly TV Cable service. Money well spent!" 

Still Not Convinced Satellite Direct Is A Fantastic Choice For You? 

SatelliteDirect lets you watch television and movie channels from across the globe, from Albania to Vietnam, a total of 96 countries.  Australia boasts of 331 channels. The Bahamas offers 129 channels. The Czech Republic lets you access 221 channels. Denmark is generous of its 278 channels. Of course, the United States offers viewing to 702 channels. Sweden offers access to 286 channels. Japan boasts of 389 channels, and so forth. Now, if a guaranteed access to 3,500 channels from all over the world still won’t convince you, we don’t know what will. 


Possibly SatelliteDirect’s greatest advantage is its digital configuration. The digital advantage over analogue earmarks SatelliteDirect’s potential to give DVD-like picture quality, crystal-clear audio output, and high-definition transmission. SatelliteDirect pioneers the DTH or the DTV revolution, replaced the home theater system, and brought home entertainment to TV screens. 


SatelliteDirect is the real deal. This product allows you to save money from your monthly cable bill. With SatelliteDirect, you don’t need to hire an electrician to help you with its installation.

Everything is so easy. Rest assured; you can watch any show you desire, what with the vast collection of channels to choose from. Picture quality is also another thing that lets you consider SatelliteDirect as entertainment. 

First released on June 29, 2009, SatelliteDirect has been on the market for some time now and is a major product in the Software & Services category. What’s not to like about this product? It has also become a Top 100 bestseller on It is also ranked No. 1 in the subcategory of Video Tools and Software. Its price of $29.95 is highly acceptable and it is ranked among the outstanding online TV software packages. There is no need for you to pay over a hundred dollars a month for a satellite or cable television subscription. These conventional packages have limited channel availability. SatelliteDirect allows you to access a lot of channels for a lot less. SatelliteDirect has a money-back guarantee if this product falls short of you expectations. I have yet to encounter a dissatisfied customer. Indeed, SatelliteDirect truly is one of the most groundbreaking entertainment products out there.



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